This Amazon Book author made riches when no one thought possible


The phrase “Starving Author” is quite popular. Most book authors, especially Fiction authors do not really make much from their works if anything at all. Every single day I am bombarded with “New releases” on my Amazon Kindle and receive tons of free books from upcoming authors that want to make it out there in the highly competitive world of book authors.

One man does stand out from the crowd for having an incredible success story. His name is Mark Dawson. Dawson is too ordinary of a man, he is a father, who hated his job and always wanted to pursue his ultimate passion, writing novels.

The reason Dawson has been featured in numerous magazines and review papers is due to the fact that he not only became incredibly popular, he did it while self-publishing on Amazon, a task most would deem very difficult to accomplish. Breaking out in the public book space is a very difficult task. While we do hear of success stories from authors that end up getting snagged by Hollywood producers and get their one-way ticket to fame and glory (JK Rowling and George RR Martin being the most notable ones of recent times), you will very rarely hear of a self-published author actually accomplishing something notable.

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Mark Dawson has generated over $450,000 in revenue from his book series alone. This is not Mark’s first rodeo at writing however, he has tried his luck in the year 2000 but with absolutely no success, the funny part? He was actually published through Pan Books. The reason he was not able to sell his works through that particular publisher was due to the lack of power they had in promoting his works. The ineffectiveness of many of the more “old school” publishing companies is what is leading to the demise of many of them. They can’t connect with the new audience of readers to make people buy their published books. Since then, Mark has decided to take it upon himself to write and self-publish all his works.

At his first trial with publishing, he signed up for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. (Remember when I mentioned I receive these types of offers constantly?). He put his book up for sale and had no success once again. Amazon then suggested he offered it for free for the millions of Kindle owners, simply to make his name known. He decided to try their suggestion and to his surprise, he ended up “selling” over 50,000 copies within a few days.

The problem, Dawson did not make a single cent from that initial sale, for the books were pretty much given away for free. But now, 50,000 people that otherwise would not give him a second look, had the book in their hands. If the audience enjoyed the book, he was sure he would be able to sell to the new fans since he intended for his story to drag on as a series.

The series that has given him the ability to quit his job, live a comfortable life and pursue his passion, currently has 8 books with a 9th in the works. His popular book character, John Milton has captured audiences all over the world. Even though the actual story about an ex-military type may be a little cliché, the richness of Dawson’s writings breaks the mold in the Thriller category. All he needed was for people to give him a chance to prove himself and show that his work is good.

Mark is now holding seminars across the world in an attempt to help new authors break out and get acknowledged out there. One thing is certain, sometimes you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.


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